Lansdowne Brewery - Avoid

UPDATE 2018-08-26: unsurprised to hear that they've closed, replaced by Lot 30 Brewers who (I'm told by a friend) are open reliable hours and serve good food.

Lansdowne Brewery
303 Lansdowne Ave

A friend and I met up at Lansdowne Brewery at the corner of College, Lansdowne, and Dundas at 6:45 PM last night. (Lansdowne is where College and Dundas meet.) It was a very cold meeting because we had to meet outside. Their website says they're open from 4PM until midnight on Thursdays, but the chairs were on the tables and the door was locked. There was no sign visible to indicate that this was out of the ordinary or something untoward had happened. Happily, it was only a five block walk to another brew pub I wanted to review: Bandit Brewery. There we inquired about their neighbour brew pub: apparently Lansdowne is never open. The waitress had had a friend who interviewed for the brewer position there, and impressions were not the best.

So I'm very unhappy with them and don't see a good future for a place that can't keep the doors open. But hey - they seem to have a patio.