'The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness' - Movie Review

Documents roughly a year in the life of Studio Ghibli, while the studio was working on both "The Tale of Princess Kaguya" (Isao Takahata) and "The Wind Rises" (Hayao Miyazaki). The filmmaker spent all her time at the location where Miyazaki was and Takahata was not - so, while there were many references to Takahata and he even shows up for a few moments, I don't think he speaks in this film.

Miyazaki is a particularly opaque man. He smokes like a chimney and makes comments that are occasionally unclear and sometimes contradictory of other things he's said. At the end of the movie they showed his retirement press conference, at which he read a statement that said "I hope to work for another ten years." Those working around him, and their working process, make this an interesting movie to fans of Ghibli.