'Justice League' - Movie Review

It seems like DC has finally got a decent superhero movie out the door. Don't get me wrong, it's flawed - but it's entertaining and fun. Ezra Miller's take on Barry Allen/The Flash was particularly funny and charming. "I've never actually 'done battle.' I've just ... pushed people and run away." And Batman's suggestion to him was great: "Just save one person." "Any particular person?" "No. Just one. Then you'll know." And he does, and he does. Gal Gadot remains great as Wonder Woman, Ben Affleck is good as Batman, Ray Fisher is good as Cyborg, and Jason Momoa is over-the-top as Aquaman - although I think most of the blame there lies with the script and visuals rather than the actor. Oh - and Henry Cavill is charming but dull as Superman. Wait, I thought Superman was dead?! You didn't actually think he'd STAY dead, did you?? The villain was bad: to take on Aquaman and Wonder Woman he's got to be pretty damn strong - but Steppenwolf was full CG and not particularly successful. They also managed to work in a reference to Darkseid (one of the DC universe's galaxy-crushing big-bads), implying he'll be along later.

I'm actually considering buying this one after seeing it on a flight: as I say, flawed but very fun with a really good script - which gives it rewatch potential.