'Jason Bourne' - Movie Review

The movie became somewhat infamous on release because Matt Damon (who is playing Jason Bourne for the fourth time) speaks something like 12 lines of dialogue in the entire 123 minute runtime. Other people talk (it's not devoid of dialogue), but dialogue just isn't that important in this movie.

The movie starts with a voice-over from Bourne saying "I remember everything." In the unlikely event that you haven't seen any of the previous movies, this is a big deal because all three of the previous movies have centred around chunks of Bourne's life he doesn't recall, a problem created by his induction into the covert program that made him what he is. In the first movie, he couldn't remember his entire life. Having opened with "I remember everything," they then make the movie about something he can't remember. And you'll also be unsurprised to hear that there's another covert program that Bourne unwillingly gets entangled in: this time it's called "Iron Hand."

The entire movie is one chase after another, through streets, malls, squares, and hotels. I'll give it credit: it did a good enough job that I got tense watching it, but the whole thing is a complete recycling of every previous Bourne movie (perhaps not "Legacy" ... maybe they should have, at least it was different).

If you want to see the same crap that you've seen three times before re-arranged into a slightly different order, here you go. This is for you. But I'm considering going back to re-watch the first Damon/Bourne movie to wash the nasty taste of this recycled tripe out of my mind.