'Isle of Dogs' - Movie Review

Wes Anderson's latest goes back to the odd stop-motion animation style he used in "The Fantastic Mr. Fox," with a similarly witty storyline. But this time he goes full in for ... let's see: cultural appropriation, surreality, meta, irony, and absurdism. Definitely a product of its time. A large and famous voice cast contributes.

In Japan in the near future, all dogs are banished to Trash Island by the cat-loving city mayor. The only person brave enough to do anything about it in the face of the mayor's use of the Yakuza and other methods to suppress dissent is his own young ward, Atari. Atari crash-lands his plane on Trash Island, and with the help of a pack of dogs, goes in search of his best friend Spots.

The critics loved it. I enjoyed it, it was entertaining ... but I didn't love it.