'Interstellar' - Movie Review

Nolan's latest opens on a near future world with technology much like ours, but with "the Blight" slowly wiping out every food crop man has. Cooper (McConaughey) is an engineer and ex-pilot, a reluctant farmer raising a couple of extremely intelligent children. Until a poltergeist leads him and his daughter to the location of the remains of NASA, where he gets re-hired.

Telling you more would A) blow a lot of the plot, and B) cause your brain to melt at the staggeringly bad science. Apparently Nolan went to a huge amount of trouble to ensure he had as realistic-looking a black hole as is known to modern science ... This sits rather poorly with one of the themes of the movie, that love transcends time and space. I was watching the movie with a friend, and we got into a big argument about emotional truth in movies (she felt this was what Nolan was going for) and scientific rigour (which I felt the movie lacked, in truckloads ... and anyway why can't you have both?).

I felt the movie was over-long and unsuccessfully philosophical. It is, I suppose, the spiritual successor to "2001," although not as good (I was never a huge fan).