'Hot Pursuit' - Movie Review

In "Hot Pursuit" Reese Witherspoon plays Rose Cooper, a police woman who is the daughter of one of the most respected cops in the city. But she had a spectacular (and comedic) fall from grace that's left her working in the evidence room. She's also a bit ... intense. But her boss gives her a break, and sends her out to pick up high profile witness Daniella Riva (SofĂ­a Vergara). Things go entirely sideways and our two heroines end up on the run together - with Vergara playing the emotional, curvaceous Latino stereotype and Witherspoon in the up-tight, controlling White stereotype. Which is a pretty tasteless start for a "Midnight Run" knock-off, but could have produced something worth seeing if it was actually funny. But the script proceeds to insult its characters, its actors, and its audience in equal measure. I'm embarrassed to say that despite all that, I actually rather enjoyed it. It's a terrible movie that includes almost as much wincing (and not where they intended you to) as laughing, but Vergara and Witherspoon are fairly good and do occasionally land some of the jokes despite the idiocy of the script.