I arrived back in Toronto late afternoon on the 14th. So many things are different here ... I, who was a giant in Asia, am reduced to the status of beanpole - and not a particularly tall one at that. I lost 10 pounds in Asia (and if anybody finds them, they can keep them). There are a lot of men here that tower over me - not just vertically, they're often a hell of a lot wider than me too. A change of pace from Asia! Skin tones come in every colour you can find anywhere on the planet. There are no scooters on the road, just cars - big cars. Spring is just getting started here, and I'm shivering in my light jacket (haven't found the clothes I left behind when I headed for Asia - somewhere in my brother's house, but neither of us knows where). It's cool, but I'm loving it - I got pretty tired of day after day after day of 35°C. That gets old after a while for someone who grew up in the Great White North.

I'm using my own computer. Running Linux. I was getting tired of virus-ridden Windows rentals, it's a real pleasure to be back to what I'm used to and what I like. It's also wonderful to be able to choose my own music to listen to again. Green Day's "American Idiot," Kenny Wayne Shepherd's "The Place You're In," and Jesse Cook's "Nomad" were first in the rotation, and not a single sickly sweet Asian ballad in sight. And a couple days ago, I had a ham and cheese sandwich - cheese is very rare outside of ex-pat stores in Asia. I savoured that.

I'm settling in at my brother's place, doing the rounds of friends and family, enjoying seeing all of them again.