'The High Note' - Movie Review

Chances are, you already know the beats of this story. Yeah, that's a bad music pun about a music movie, but it's also an accurate statement. Maggie (Dakota Johnson) is the personal assistant to legendary R&B singer Grace Davis (Tracee Ellis Ross). She loves Grace's singing, and takes good care of Grace (for which she receives no thanks), but she aspires to be a music producer. And she meets this young singer (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) and starts producing for him ... Will she succeed? Will her obnoxious boss be redeemed? Will there be a setback?

Given the familiarity of the content, it had to be done well to work. And it was, although the redemptive story arc(s) was so annoyingly familiar. Johnson was good in the lead if not outstanding - I guess I say this to remind myself she's not permanently made foolish by the "Fifty Shades" series.

SPOILERS (stop now etc.) And is it just me? This movie is very similar to director Nisha Ganatra's last outing, "Late Night." Young female lead (Johnson here, Mindy Kaling there), trying to make her way in the world. Demanding, obnoxious older female boss (Ross here, Emma Thompson there). A boy, a romance. Boss is pushed - partly through the actions of female lead - through mounting challenges to take the difficult but more rewarding path forward. Female lead is acknowledged and gets what she wants. The romance, the setback, and the happy ending are stock, but the obnoxious, redeemable, middle-aged female boss going through a crisis indirectly guided by her young protégé ... that's pretty damn specific.