'Gridlocked' - Movie Review

This is a classic 1990 action flick ... made in 2015. Including Danny Glover, who even gets to say "I'm too old for this shit." Given that he most famously said that 25 years prior, he really is too old and his part in the movie involves little action beyond getting shot.

Dominic Purcell stars as veteran SWAT team leader Dave Hendrix, forced to work the street and baby-sit movie star Brody Walker (played by Cody Hackman) who's doing "community service." But when they visit his former SWAT team, the facility they're in comes under siege by another highly trained team. The movie star is obnoxious-but-honest, the siege team is really evil, there's a traitor in the midst of the good guys, etc. You know, the usual. I was amused to see Stephen Lang as the leader of the bad guys: he's really mastered the evil-military-leader thing. You might remember him from "Avatar," and to his credit he's not playing the same character.

I found most of the movie quite enjoyable: it doesn't have many reviews at Rotten Tomatoes, but it mostly got good grades for being a classic action movie. But at the end of the movie they add a silly segment over the credits that was mildly amusing, and a final shot of one of the stars lounging in an armchair and smirking that significantly soured the whole thing for me. It was unnecessary and I was amazed at how much it put me off an otherwise serviceable action movie.