gitcheck version 0.3 Public Release

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I wrote gitcheck because I have a nasty tendency to fix a code problem, celebrate the fix, then get up and walk away from the computer ... without committing the code. gitcheck checks all the local repositories it knows about and reports on their current status, both local and with respect to the remote. Which repos it knows about is governed by the config file, and the config file generator has be greatly improved (and slightly broken - read on). I've also made the display more compact, moving the remote information onto the same line as the local information.

There's a significant known issue with Python's configparser module: when you read in a config file and then play it back out, all the comments are stripped. This is a major PITA, but the only known fix is to switch to another config parser module ... and all of those are separate, ie. don't ship with Python. So far I've kept the program as a single binary with no dependencies beyond bog standard python3. So I'll try to work around this deficiency: I should be able to append changes to the existing file rather than rewriting it. It's a pain and more complex than it ought to be, but if it works, that's what I'll do. For the moment, the work-around is to write new configs to a separate file and edit newly discovered repos into the actual config by hand.

the output of the gitcheck program, version 0.3