Get Well - Beer Bar Review

Get Well
1181 Dundas Street West

We were greeted as we came in by a smell that seemed to be equal parts parmesan and vomit - you stop noticing it fairly quickly, but it's kind of an oppressive welcome. The space is smaller than its sister bar The Greater Good, with a lower ceiling that means the sound reflects back faster and louder and it's harder to hear conversation. I mentioned that I thought they had the classic "Artisanal Poverty" thing going on with the furniture, but my friend countered with "well to-do European grandmother" - and he's right. Who knew furniture could be bombastic?

Like The Greater Good, they have good pizza available in the form of North of Brooklyn. The number of beers on tap during our visit was 13 - less than Greater Good, although the fridges appeared slightly better stocked with cans and bottles. They have about eight arcade cabinets (the ones I can remember are DigDug, Ms. Pacman, Galaga 88, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Star Wars, and The Simpsons), plus two pinball machines - Dolly Parton and Pinbot. The arcade machines are free to play, the pinball machines require quarters.

I enjoyed playing the machines at "Get Well" - I think there selection is better than those at "The Greater Good." But in every other respect I preferred the latter bar.