'Futureworld' - Movie Review

The sequel to "Westworld," a movie that was something of a landmark in science fiction films. The good news is that they've come up with a different and interesting twist on the whole idea, the bad news is the end product isn't as compelling as the original - in part because the simplicity of the original and Brynner's iconic gunman made the first one so memorable and scary.

Several years after the disaster portrayed in "Westworld," the Delos corporation has redesigned and rebuilt their incredibly expensive multi-"world" resort, but attendance isn't as good as they'd like. To improve it, they've offered passes to the press in the hope of getting good reviews. Our eyes are Chuck Browning (Peter Fonda) who wrote the major newspaper exposé on Westworld, and Tracy Ballard (Blythe Danner) a TV reporter from the same syndicate. They reluctantly team up for a visit to the new addition to the Delos resort, Futureworld. Last time it was a horrible malfunction that brought down Westworld: this time everything works correctly, but there's a horrible scheme in the works at Delos.

I'd say that the idea was a good one, and some of the dialogue is fairly good, but the movie is derailed by unnecessary digressions (in particular the magically appearing samurai warriors and the chase scene that ensues). And nothing about it is as memorable as the gun slinger from the previous movie. Mildly interesting and actually a bit better than I expected, but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone - probably not even hardcore fans of SF, as it's often rather dull.