'Foyle's War Revisited' - TV Review

"Foyle's War" was a superb detective series set in England during the Second World War (the eighth and final series is set shortly after the war). I found this DVD at the library: it appears to have been an American - probably PBS - production, run after the British broadcast of the final series but before it hit America. This hour-long documentary is hosted by John Mahoney (best known as Frasier's dad), who has a role in one of the episodes of the final season.

Mahoney claims another connection with the series: he was himself a British war baby, born during the time the series portrays. Which is interesting, because he's one of the most quintessentially American people I've ever seen put on film. Mahoney is a poor host, nodding constantly like a bobble-head doll and reading off a rather ponderous history of the series with occasional pauses to solicit funding for the station. The only interesting parts to this show - and there weren't nearly enough of them as most of the content was simply clips from the series - was some discussion from show-runners, and of the actors talking about about their characters. Not recommended for fans, or for people who aren't fans. Go watch the first season if you're not familiar with the series.