Forillon, Land's End

The day started with hotel breakfast - very old-school, but pretty good - quite similar to yesterday's. Then off to the park again to hike to "Land's End." Such a common name, usually used to describe a very uncommon place. If you remember the narwhal I was using as a map image yesterday, this hike is the last four kilometres of the roughly ten kilometre horn. There are two trails, the wide and gently sloping gravelled "multi-purpose" trail (hikers and bikers), and the hiker's trail that's narrower, more hilly, and more attractive. I walked the hiker's trail out and the gravel trail back: the hiking trail is definitely prettier. Neither is difficult. There's a lighthouse at the end and views of the cliffs all around, as well as over to the town of Gaspé and out to sea in pretty much every direction. Views abound on the trail as well, which is really nice.

photo: At Land's End, Forillon National Park

rocks and the sea

That hike is technically the tail end of the "Les Crêtes" hike, which is 35km, runs all the way across the park, and is listed as "difficult." They also claim you can do it 12-14 hours - return. If the other 1.5km section I hiked in the afternoon is any indication, I'm definitely not buying anyone except possibly an ultramarathoner completing a return trip on that course in one day. The section I hiked starts at a parking lot and ascends a ridge to a viewpoint. It was recommended by the park guide yesterday, and her other advice was sound. Although apparently no one else knows about it: I saw no one on the trail at all in the hour-plus I was on it. The trail is clearly maintained by running a four-wheeler over it - which means it's quite low on the treachery scale, or you'd either dump the four-wheeler or puncture the tires. But it's very high on the strenuous scale. The last 1000m was all steep uphill, and the first 500m wasn't precisely a picnic. At the end there were actually two viewpoints, about 20 metres apart, on either side of the ridge with views in opposite directions. Pretty nice.

Dinner was at Brise Bise again: this time I had the smoked salmon pasta, which was very good. And after all the noise about Auval (umm, mostly generated by me), I had the Auval IPA they had available. I thought it was good but not outstanding ... I also had a maple syrup pie for dessert. I don't say this often, but - that was actually too sweet.