'The Expanse' Season 3 - TV Review

I wrote a book review a couple days ago that said "if I can predict where you're going with significant elements of the plot, you're doing it wrong." That book was "doing it wrong," but "The Expanse" is not - it went in weird, cool, and fascinating directions I never even guessed at in this season (as it has previously). It held my interest.

It's not perfect, there are problems. Steven Strait continues to lead the cast as James Holden, the nominal captain of "The Rocinante." He is also - starting this season - a producer. Which means he's putting his money where his mouth is ... but he's also a poor actor. Happily, he's the worst of the cast. The characters are well drawn, but the series' greatest strength is what it's always been: it's solar-system-spanning politics and the sheer scale of the narrative. And its ability to surprise me - without disappointing.

I look forward to the next season.