'Everybody Wants Some!!' - Movie Review

Should perhaps have been called "Mi amigos de fuckwittery," as the protagonist refers to his new college friends at the end of the movie. The movie shows us the first three days of life on a college baseball team in 1980 - with the credits rolling just as our protagonist and one of his buddies close their eyes to sleep in their very first lecture.

Blake Jenner is Jake, a pitcher just arriving at university to join the baseball team. His introduction to his new house is to be ordered to turn off the water supply filling the water bed on the second floor that looks like it's just about to drop through to the first floor. What follows is most of two hours of macho athlete posturing, absurd dialogue, cruising for sex, and even a little baseball. Glen Powell as "Finn" got many of the best lines: very intelligent, he supplies a running commentary about the social foibles of his teammates and everyone around them. He's a charming guy who will do anything to get laid (one of his less attractive characteristics).

Evokes its time period very well, and has a very good soundtrack. Very funny, but about as deep as a puddle.