'Eric' - Book Review

Eric is the ninth Discworld novel. On the cover it says Faust but there's a line through it, with Eric written underneath. Eric is thirteen years old, and extremely determined to summon a demon to grant his three wishes. He succeeds in summoning something from the Dungeon Dimensions, but that something is ... Rincewind, who was trapped there at the end of Sourcery. His three wishes are: "to be ruler of the world," "to meet the most beautiful woman in all history," and "to live forever." Rincewind discovers that he's been handed a demon's power: snapping his fingers transports the two of them ... elsewhere. Of course, none of his wishes turn out anything like the way he intended them to (isn't that how it always goes with demons?).

As this is the eighth straight Discworld novel I've read in a row, all in about three months, I'm getting a little jaded. It's amusing, not the best but not the worst.