picture of a building with a caption "The Weastern Entrance Hall"

Before I left Canada I visited Engrish.com a couple times. I haven't really found anything worthy of their site, although a young Thai girl wearing a shirt that said "Je suis horny" came close. It's not that it's bad english, it's just that you have to wonder if she had any idea what it meant.

When you're reading Engrish.com you're usually in a mood to misinterpret, and a big sign that read "To Bang Sue" was a favourite with me and the friends I was with at the time. I realized that "Bang Sue" might in fact be a place in Thailand - I'd seen a couple "Bang Whatever" names in the guidebook. On my last day in Thailand, I saw the sign. "Bang Sue" is the final station on the new underground in Bangkok, so signs for platforms headed that way all have a sign saying "To Bang Sue."

Another thing that had me scrambling for notepaper was the Coca Cola Restaurant menu in Taunggyi: their menu included classics like "Mushroom and Rabbit Greens Fry," in the 'Prawns' section was "Fighting Ball (Mutton)," "Toad Fry (Dry)," "Toad Fry (With Gravy)," "Mixed Fish Spou," "Pork Head Mixed," "Pork Brain Fry with Sour & Chilly Sauce," and finally, "Pork Brain and Ear Mixed."