'Enemy' - Movie Review

Denis Villeneuve's "Enemy" stars Jake Gyllenhaal as two identical men who meet after one notices the other in a bit part in a movie. Their interactions do not go well. The movie is based on the book The Double by José Saramago - Wikipedia's plot summary suggests they're fairly similar, but Villeneuve has moved it from Portugal to Toronto, and addded spiders.

It's weird and creepy and doesn't make a lot of sense. Neither of the versions of Gyllenhaal are particularly sympathetic. It's filmed in black and white and yellow, with all the other colours muted. And my hometown (Toronto) has rarely - if ever - been made to look so ugly and alienating. For all that I have to admit it was kind of fascinating in an unpleasant way. One good touch was that, while the two guys are different in character, we're not given significant outward signs and have to occasionally work it out ourselves (doppelgänger movies sometimes get too blatant about helping the audience separate the different versions of the performer).