'Elstree 1976' - Movie Review

Released in 2015, the movie consists mostly of talking head shots of several of the bit players who were in the original "Star Wars" movie about how it's affected their lives for nearly 40 years. I'm a fan of the original movie, and I get that their entire lives have been shaped by this one movie in which they had only a very small role - but 90 minutes ended up seeming like an awfully long time to discuss it. Of all of them, I think I liked David Prowse (the 6'6" bodybuilder inside the Darth Vader suit, whose voice was replaced by James Earl Jones') best: a charming guy who seems happier with where he's at than any of the others (although Greedo - Paul Blake - is doing okay too). Felt a lot like a duller version of "56 Up" for film actors. Should have been a half hour TV special.