Eastbound Brewing - Brew Pub Review

Eastbound Brewing Company
700 Queen Street East

Eastbound Brewing is right at the corner of Broadview and Queen, in a nice, mid-sized space - well, it's a fairly large space, but the back third is occupied by the ubiquitous stainless steel tanks. Thursday night and the place was busy: not packed, but almost every table occupied and the noise level a bit above my preference (I like it quiet). Six beers on tap, of which I immediately rejected the first two - a saison and a wheat. I'm strongly opposed to both styles. But there were four more to make up our flights: a Dunkel, an APA, a Stout, and a Porter. They also have a kitchen, and served us very good food: my friend had the Brisket sandwich which he says was very good. It came with a salad he didn't like - in large part because it included beets, not his favourite ingredient. I had the daily special, a "bacon chop," which they explained was like a pork chop but a bacon cut of meat. And let me tell you, that was magically delicious: I'm only so-so on pork chops but I love bacon, and this was a bizarre and wonderful hybrid of the two.

The recommended drinking order of the beers was as given above. The "Full Dunkel Jacket" dunkel was very dark, but a mild and unfortunately yeasty beer. That yeastiness puts me off unfortunately: otherwise passable. But the "Fresh Start: Azacca" APA - we have a winner! They claim it tastes of "pineapple, jack fruit and pine." I got the classic grapefruit, but it's less bitter than most APAs and the flavour was full without being overwhelming: just a lovely beer. The "Moonless Night" Oatmeal Stout was surprisingly lightweight, almost stout-lite, although not in a bad way. Just not really what I've come to expect from that end of the beer spectrum. The "Skipping through the Dark" Porter was more of a classical dark beer: they claim "chocolate and coffee" (like almost every stout and porter in the history of modern beer-making). A decent beer, although it didn't rock my world.