'Do I Sound Gay?' - Movie Review

David Thorpe opens his movie by reading the leading titles out loud as they go by, and I have to admit that my reaction to the title question was "yes." After the title, the camera gets pointed at a number of people who attempt to answer the same question about his voice. Thorpe's quest leads him to interview a variety gay celebrities: Dan Savage, George Takei, David Sedaris, Margaret Cho, Tim Gunn and Don Lemon among them. This is interspersed with his voice lessons from several different sources, interviews with academics about the sound of the human voice, and chats with his friends - who are entertaining and likeable people. As I've seen some rather badly constructed documentaries recently, I'll mention that this one is well filmed, well thought out, and very well edited. It all adds up to a fascinating and rather charming movie about finding your own voice that's worth a watch for pretty much anyone, gay or straight.