Dalat's Crazy House

One of the strangely formed buildings making up the "Crazy House" hotel in Dalat.

In Vietnam, buildings are sometimes torn down for being "antisocialist." Fortunately for the owner of the "Crazy House" (Dang Viet Nga), her father was Ho Chi Minh's second in command up until Uncle Ho's death, and president for a while after that. What you see above is one of about four major growths off the house - the whole thing is actually one of the world's most bizarre mini-hotels. It currently has ten rooms, has been under construction since 1992, and is expected to be completed in 2010. The rooms are equally as bizarre on the inside as the buildings are on the outside: straight walls and right angles are non-existent, and the beds are usually in their own miniature cavern. Every room has to have a custom mattress, and all the woodwork is custom built as well to fit in the incredibly weird spaces available. I wouldn't want to stay at the hotel, as all the rooms are on display during the day, so I guess check-out is early - even if you're staying another night. But it was wonderful to visit!