Burdock - Brew Pub Review

Burdock is a relatively new restaurant and brew pub near Dufferin and Bloor. They manage to look nice and simple without achieving quite the spartan aesthetic of most brew pubs - although they do retain the big glass wall at the back with stainless steel vats behind it.

Important features of note: they have a big and nice-looking patio (I sat inside) that faces not onto Bloor but onto a side street. They have a bottle shop, and they do flights. The flights are essentially any number of their beers (and the occasional cider apparently) for $3.00-$3.50 for each 5oz(?) sample. I'm told their food is excellent by a regular whose judgement I trust, but I didn't eat this time.

The beer menu of the day is below. The farmhouse had run out, but I had the rest, including the cider. I found the Pilsner light but bitter, and much preferred the Blonde which was quite nice. The "Té" surprised me - I'm not much on sours, but this one is very mild on the sour part and not too bad. The APA was decent. Unfortunately, I wasn't a fan of the cider.

Beer Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1lD5bs_7kd9vN23SRrH5VdFT8fj8

photo: The beer menu as of 2017-10-21 - but it will change, in fact the farmhouse had already gone dry

A listing of beers available at Burdock

photo: The taps at Burdock (the woman is an innocent bystander who has my apologies)

rough-hewn black walnut beer taps