'Bright: Samurai Soul' - Movie Review

This is a new Netflix Japanese Anime movie extending the world of "Bright." Maybe it was big in Japan ... I watched this because, as damaged and shitty as "Bright" was, it had some interesting ideas. I'm guessing this was made in Japan because the movie was more popular there?

This one is a little bit too much to formula - an Orc assassin, a human samurai, and a young elf girl walk into a bar ... What I mean is, just like the last one: orc, human, elf, complete with matching genders. What this one has is gorgeous artwork. Simplified and computer-generated, but beautiful throughout. The story is set during the Meiji restoration, but once again it's about a wand and the Inferni and the Shield of Light fighting it out. And this is another cheesy story. I kind of like the idea of the world - the races, the magic - but it seems like no one has a good story to put in it.