'Black Site Delta' - Movie Review

Cam Gigandet is building up a solid resumé of B-movies, following the career trajectory of Stephen Seagal ... but without the initial peak. As of 2020, the man has 30 movies to his name on Rotten Tomatoes, only two of which have positive reviews. Worse, nine of them don't have enough reviews to have an average ... which meant no one cared at all.

I mock him, but not only did I watch the movie, I thought it was passable action - and it was better than the movie I watched immediately after it ("Barely Lethal").

We first meet his character Jake drinking in a bar, afraid to go home to meet his own daughter. A bar brawl leaves him a killer, and he wakes to find himself in a black site prison with a bunch of other problematic ex-military people. By ten or fifteen minutes in, the base has been invaded by a mercenary force (Jake knows the evil commander), and the prisoners are free. The mercenaries are after the drone with a nuclear bomb controlled from the base (because that's what's on top of most black-site prisons). So of course the prisoners decide to defend their country rather than just leave.

These days, most action movies have enough of a budget to hire a specialist to teach the actors to move like the kind of personnel that they're supposed to be. This movie clearly passed on such silly excesses. Half the people move like they think they're ninjas, and our heroes clear rooms and halls like ten year olds doing a cop impression.

Now that I'm done bad-mouthing it, I'll admit that I found it an acceptable way to waste 90 minutes. I mean, it's crap but I knew it would be, and it's straight forward crap with plenty of action.