'Arthur and George' - TV Review

Martin Clunes plays the recently widowed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Arsher Ali plays George Edalji, a solicitor of Indian descent in rural England in 1903. He's accused of maiming multiple animals and sentenced to three years hard labour. After his release, Sir Arthur becomes his biggest sponsor in an attempt to prove him innocent after the fact. Edalji would be unable to practice law having been convicted of committing a crime, so the stakes were fairly high. Of course Sir Arthur was not Sherlock Holmes, no matter how much he might have liked to have been - but on the flip side, neither was he a stupid man. (It's loosely based on real events.)

The mini-series consists of three 45 minute episodes, and involves both Edalji's family and Sir Arthur's family and friends. It's all fairly low key, but it's also intelligent and interesting. I enjoyed it.