'Aquaman' - Movie Review

If I hadn't just watched "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" last night, I would have told you this was the most comic-book-like movie anyone has made. But "Spider-Verse" definitely took that title (and by a wide margin). But this one is live action and glorious to look at as it puts lots action on the screen along with lots of colourful Atlantean stuff.

The beginning of the movie shows that Aquaman (Jason Momoa) is now getting more involved in the events of the world after what happened in the "Justice League" movie. We're shown Aquaman's origins, a (royal) child of Atlantis and our world. And we see events down in Atlantis where the heir apparent wants to start a war with the surface world. So Mera (an Atlantean princess played by Amber Heard) tries to recruit Arthur Curry (aka "Aquaman") to help prevent the war - by making him do exactly what he doesn't want to do, become King of Atlantis.

There are good things about the movie: Momoa is charming and charismatic, and Heard is a good foil. The fights (there are plenty) are entertaining. The sea creatures and Atlantean technology are inventive and colourful and pretty too look at. But there are quite a number of bad things too (SPOILERS): Aquaman's mother has been "dead" for 20+ years, but in short flashbacks she's played by Nicole Kidman - you don't throw her in to kill her off screen. The plot is messy and silly. Patrick Wilson isn't a great villain (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II isn't significantly better, but apparently we're going to have to put up with him if there's a sequel). And it's too long (2h23m).

An amusing way to spend a couple hours if you like superhero movies, but not one you're likely to rewatch.