'Always Be My Maybe' - Movie Review

The movie co-stars Ali Wong as Sasha Tran, and Randall Park as Marcus Kim - the two were also writers for the project. Their characters grew up living next door to each other in San Francisco, had an awkward fling as teens, and lost touch. Now she's a celebrity chef, back in San Francisco (where he remained) to open a new restaurant. There's more awkwardness, but they manage to reconnect.

I've said this too many times, but I'm not a fan of embarrassment-as-humour. They use it a fair bit here, but happily not for all of the humour. The movie has some hysterically funny moments. And then there's the whole sequence with Keanu Reeves (as Keanu Reeves) which is comedic gold.

If I'm honest, the section with Keanu Reeves is kind of based on embarrassment too. But it's so novel to see him doing something like this: I'm sure he's done a successful comedic role since "Bill and Ted," but let's face it: seeing him do a farcical version of himself (and he did it so well) is seriously unexpected.

For a rom-com I felt they should have focussed more on the relationship between the two main characters than they did, but they did still manage to sell them as a couple - and their reconnection at the end (because, you know, that's how it always is) was well done and more enjoyable than most.