'The Almighty Johnsons,' Season 2 - TV Review

See my review of Season 1 of "The Almighty Johnsons" - particularly if you're not familiar with the setup of the show (although in that case you probably shouldn't read this review, there may be spoilers).

The weird setup remains much the same: Axl and his brothers are trying to find a way to restore their powers. Less breasts, just as much sex, staggering amounts of drinking, significant abuse of drugs. And still mostly a comedy. The writing is mostly on par with the previous year, although the ideas are perhaps a bit more stretched. They do have the good sense to realize that we'll be more interested in people than in gods, so mostly it's about the trouble being semi-god-like causes the (human) characters we care about. Axl's flatmates continue to play a big role: Gaia as the eternal romantic interest, and Zeb as the comedic relief - although he's a problem for me because most of the time he's full-on goofball, but when the kidnapping occurred, he randomly became smart for the duration (but no longer).

The season ending was this massive obnoxious hook - a new god arises, but not the one prophesied, leaving things in a mess. And it's just kind of dumb. I'm sure I'll watch the third season (it's the last), but I'm not as happy about it as I was after the previous season.