'A Simple Favor' - Movie Review

Stephanie Smothers (Anna Kendrick) is a perky and overly energetic single mom who runs her own vlog about crafts and recipes. She meets the mother (Blake Lively) of one of the other boys at her son's school, and they become friends. And this is where the movie completely fell down for me: Lively's character Emily Nelson is an incredibly unpleasant hedonistic bitch, and we're supposed to believe that this straight-laced, up-tight single mom wants so badly to be like Emily that she'll put up with dismissal and insults? And that somehow Emily finds this appealing? Opposites don't always attract.

Emily disappears, and Stephanie goes on a hunt for her friend (while also getting a little too close to her friend's husband (Henry Golding)). Truths are revealed, and a not entirely believable ending eventually occurs. Paul Feig (who directed) managed to produce something more like a neo-noir than a comedy, but the touches of his humour are visible. I give him credit for a better attempt that I expected, but it's not a favourite.