'A Bigger Splash' - Movie Review

Tilda Swinton plays rock star Marianne Lane, on vacation on a small Italian island after vocal surgery. With her is her boyfriend Paul (Matthias Schoenaerts). They're quiet life is interrupted by the arrival of Marianne's former producer and ex-lover Harry. Harry - as played by Ralph Fiennes - is a flamboyant obnoxious braggart, and he's brought his (previously unknown) daughter Penelope (Dakota Johnson) with him. Harry and Paul also knew each other previously. We get to watch as they provoke each other, fuck, and squabble.

The acting is very good, I'll give it that - Feinnes is particularly impressive (although very hard to like) as Harry, who loves life so much that he knows where the best food is, swims naked at the drop of a hat, snorts drugs, always says exactly what he thinks, and fucks anyone that will have him. He and his daughter succeed in bringing out the worst in Paul and Marianne. And watching two hours of four really unpleasant people getting on each other's nerves and fighting ... just isn't my idea of fun, no matter how well done.