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Your Instructions, Should You Choose To Read Them (RECOMMENDED): This isn't a particularly intuitive app. Use the many buttons below to build a prompt to your liking in the visual window. Then copy and paste the generated code below into your ~/.bashrc. It's recommended (but not essential) that you terminate your prompt with the "Dollar or Hash" symbol and a space (so stuff you type doesn't abut the prompt). And if you use colours, it's recommended that the very last thing you add is an "Colour Terminator", or everything you type after the prompt will be colourized.

The "Change Indicator" is shown every time you put an element into the prompt that doesn't include a visible character - usually a colour change. You can toggle the visibility of those at any time to check out exactly how the finished prompt will look. But you probably want to turn it back on while you're editing so you can drag-and-drop elements or click on the elements to bring up the context menu.

Please visit the The Bash Prompt HOWTO. It's old, but still applies. This builder seems to work in Firefox and Chrome: I've made no attempt to make it work in IE.

Let's get started


Probably the most interesting stuff, you can put in your prompt:

Time-related stuff to put in your prompt.

User and host-related stuff.

Directory-related stuff.

Characters, typing stuff in.

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