Tuesday 10 August, Final Thoughts

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© 2004 Giles Orr

At the gate, on the plane, sad to be headed back to Atlanta. Although the thought of sitting at a desk for the next three days (the remainder of the work week) rather than walking 5 to 10 miles a day with a 15 pound backpack is kind of appealing.

We went through two bags of Ghiardelli dark chocolate mint squares while we were there.

What I missed in SF: walking the Golden Gate Bridge. The Anchor brewery tour. Trying Anchor whisky. Walking the Presidio. Seeing the Rodins at the Palace of the Legion of Honor. Visiting Civic Center, including the main Public Library. Eating out lots more. Visiting the Museum of Cartoon Art. I'd go to Land's End again. If I had more time, I'd go to Carmel - or even Yosemite. Oakland, more of Berkeley and UCB, Mt. Diablo. The hairpin turns on Lombard Street. And a walk around to look at the Victorian houses.

Well, now I know what inspires people to live on a fault line with insane rents and horrible commutes. What a fantastic city.

I told Barbara the houses on the hillsides in SF (in their rainbow pastel hues) remind me a lot of pictures I've seen of coastal Italy.

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