Tuesday 10 August 2004

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This morning we split up for our last couple hours in the city: she went to Lori's Diner (with its un-diner-like prices) and I made the hike along Sutter and up Grant into Chinatown again. To my disappointment I discovered that we'd been two blocks from "The Whisky Store" on Sutter the whole time but hadn't visited it because we hadn't known. Of course they weren't open that early. I hoped to go back before we left but didn't have the time. I'm not too disappointed as I'd guess they only had about one hundred whiskies, and as many kilts.

The main reason I took that route was to go through the Chinatown gates which are (as I kind of expected) pretty much like Chinatown gates elsewhere (Montreal, Philadelphia). Our hotel claimed to be four blocks from the gates and that's true, but they're eight blocks from any bakeries ... I tried a different one this time and just got baked stuff (no dim sum). I ate some on the way back to the hotel.

When I got back to the lobby I bought two of the Chancellor Hotel official souvenir rubber duckies (Barbara had snagged the one in our room) for $2 each. It's sort of their signature thing, and Terri has to have one: he's carrying a PDA and on a cell phone.

We packed, walked to the BART station, and rode out to the airport. The airport has some architectural touches that reminds me a little of CDG in Paris - I took a few pictures.

We talked a bit about how happy I was with my SFMOMA pen, and when we got through check-in and security we found an SFMOMA store! They had only the sherbet green, not the blue, red, or sherbet orange pens. Good enough: I'm writing with it now.

With the purchase of the Aquarium jacket the small backpack no longer fit in the large one, but they let me bring it all as carry-on. The boarding and flight was uneventful up until five minutes ago when some people got into a loud argument, possibly over the volume of one or the other's conversation. The attendants broke them up. It made me think that a fight in an airborne airplane would be a real problem - not that that looked imminent.

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