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Ronald McDonald Adapts to Thailand

Ronald McDonald, Namaste

Ronald greets you at the door of McDonalds, namaste. It's a very common gesture in Thailand. McDonalds sell a fairly different line-up, including pies filled with corn, pineapple, and taro. I had a Samurai burger - recommended to me years ago by a co-worker who married a Thai woman. It's pork, with some sort of gravy, lettuce, and a mayonnaise-like substance. Edible, but hardly exciting. I may have to go back to try the corn pies.

I'm not planning on eating a lot of meals at McDonalds (I'm not a big fan), but I'm beginning to think that eating there once should be required on any trip. McDonalds is willing to change to sell product, and they're good at it. It's a quick education in the local culture. ^ TOP

Posted 10/20/05 10:16:22 by giles -


Comment by Terri:

If only McD's could be so cool here.

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