Wednesday 4 August 2004

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The pre-flight report is a little more interesting than usual because the trip started the night before the flight. Barbara and I drove up to Atlanta leaving M'ville around 1730. I'd suggested we go to a Vietnamese place in Forest Park before going to our hotel - Jonesboro Road was referred to in some magazine as "the new Buford Highway" back in 2000 and I've waited this long to go there. It's way on the south side of Atlanta. Unfortunately I took us to the wrong Jonesboro Road and we had to call the restaurant and drive another twenty minutes. It was worth it - Dai Loi was really really good, and was $18 for both of us including main courses, fancy drinks, and spring rolls. Vietnamese was new to Barbara: happily she enjoyed it. I was ecstatic because not only had I not had Vietnamese in months, I no longer knew where there were any good Vietnamese restaurants as the ones I knew on Buford ... one is only okay and the other used-to-be-my-favourite kind of went bad.

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